Tune Into Your Universe - 4x Meditation Package

Tune Into Your Universe - 4x Meditation Package


These four meditations are all under 15min and specifically designed to assist you to Tune Into Your Universe, your inner world that is often so easily ignored.

Do these meditations when you wake up, on your lunch break, before you go to bed, whenever you have a few spare minutes to create some quiet time and check in.

In modern society our nervous system is constantly on high alert and high stress, whether it is work, family life or paying attention to three screens at once. Our mind and bodies need a rest and reset. Beyond that our intuition and inner guidance needs a chance to be heard to help guide us on our path. 

These meditations allow the nervous system to reset and your intuition to reconnect. Life will become calmer and easier to approach. 


Join The O.M. Space Founder Renée Wilkinson on these guided meditations to tune into your unique and magical Universe.

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