Enlightened AF about Energy Clearing

Enlightened AF about Energy Clearing


1 Tingsha & carry bag (D6.5cm)
1 Himalayan Salt Tea Light (Ht 10cm)
1 Spirit Quartz (H4cm)
3 Palo Santo (L11cm)
1 carry bag

You know when you just can't shake a heavy feeling? When you walk into a room and get the heebie jeebies? That's when you need these guys to help clear the low vibe energy out.

  • Tingsha cymbals use a crisp sound to clear low vibrations from your physical space and energy field.
  • Himalayan salt is renowned for clearing positive 'pollutant' ions from the air. (Thanks mircowave/mobile phone/TV.)
  • Palo Santo's aromatic smoke clears lower vibrational energy (alternative to a smudge stick).
  • Spirit Quartz collects and clears negative energy. 

Out with the old and in with the new.

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Every crystal/item we personally source are as unique and different as you are. As such the crystal/stone/santo/salt light/item you receive may be a slightly different shape, size or colour to the one pictured. But know the qualities are still the same and it has been intuitively chosen just for you.