I'm Curious about Energy Protection

I'm Curious about Energy Protection


1 Amethyst Point (Ht4cm)
3 Palo Santo (L11cm)
1 carry bag

Sometimes feel like people dump their 'stuff' (emotions, bad vibes) onto you and you're left going WTF do I do with this now? Deal with people all day and finish leaving totally drained? Time to lift your energy protection game.

  • Amethyst Points - keep on hand for tranquility, protection and purification.
  • Palo Santo - A 'holy wood' from Sth America. Its aromatic smoke will cleanse any lower vibes that are hanging around.

Ain't nobody got time for other people's BS and with this Amethyst and Palo Santo protection combo by your side, you won't even need to think twice about it. A li'l extra energy force field to help you on your way. 

Want to take it to the next level? (we hope you do)
Check out the 'I Dabble - Protection' pack. It's all of these plus a lil more.


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Every crystal and item we personally source is as unique and different as you are. As such the crystal/stone/santo/salt light/item you receive may be a slightly different shape, size or colour to the one pictured. But know the qualities are still the same and it has been intuitively chosen just for you.