I'm Curious About Energy Clearing

I'm Curious About Energy Clearing


1 Spirit Quartz (H3cm)
3 Palo Santo (L11cm)
1 carry bag

You know when you just can't shake a heavy feeling? When you walk into a room and get the heebie jeebies? That's when you need these guys to help clear the low vibe energy out.

  • Palo Santo's aromatic smoke clears lower vibrational energy (alternative to a smudge stick).
  • Spirit Quartz collects and clears negative energy. 

Out with the old and in with the new.

Want to take it to the next level? (we hope you do)
Check out the 'I Dabble -Clearing' pack. It's all of these plus a lil more.

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Every crystal and item we personally source is as unique and different as you are. As such the crystal/stone/santo/salt light/item you receive may be a slightly different shape, size or colour to the one pictured. But know the qualities are still the same and it has been intuitively chosen just for you.