Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Releasing negative ‘cleansing’ ions (found in nature at the beach or waterfalls), your salt lamp helps to balance and combat all of the positive ‘pollutant’ ions created by modern appliances like mobiles, TVs, microwaves. This balance of ions in your space and the lamp's warm glow creates a sense of calm and grounding (think of how sitting at the beach calms you). 

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Every crystal/item we personally source are as unique and different as you are. As such the crystal/salt light/item you receive may be a slightly different shape, size or colour to the one pictured. But know the qualities are still the same and it has been intuitively chosen just for you.

Salt Lamps vary from 3-5kg approx 20cm in height. Due to the salts ability to absorb moisture from the air, it should not be used in damp rooms or outdoors; this may cause it to ‘drip’. It is strongly recommended you have the lamp on continuously/and or regularly to keep it as dry as possible.