The O.M. Space & its Founder...

Meet Renée Wilkinson, the woman behind The Open Mind Space. 

Renée is an Intuitive, Kinesiologist, Meditation & Yoga teacher. Since a young age she has been fascinated by the Universe, spirituality, and all in between. She has studied, researched, practised and tried out so many things in the 'new age' field.

As her practice grew, she saw that many of her clients and friends were intrigued by her crystals, tools, energy processes and knowledge of the Universe but felt a little overwhelmed sourcing and finding out more for themselves.

The Open Mind Space was born. A space to share the basic (and not so basic) concepts of spirituality, the Universe, mindfulness and wellbeing. A space to simplify and break down some of the terms and tools that get thrown around, making them super accessible and usable in your everyday life with li'l bit of tongue-in-cheek (because nothing in life should be taken too seriously).

Renée's dream is for this online space and the physical events that The O.M. Space holds to demystify the Universe for you, to support you through your explorations, and allow you to step into the best damn version of your life possible.